Step 1 - FDI strategic planning and analysis

One of the first steps in business attraction is to assess how “investment ready” you are. This requires that your municipality identify the types of business best suited to your location. 

The completion of the investment readiness test will give the municipality a better understanding of its investment readiness level for inward investment including planning and implementing familiarization tools.  The tools will assist the municipality to identify investment readiness gaps and determine the effectiveness of existing planning and economic development processes:

Take only 10 minutes to complete an investment readiness test for your community. We will contact you within 24 hours to let you know your score and help you to develop an Action Plan to prepare your community to be investment ready.




THE WOA CONSULTING Group offers customized trainings for communities to help them better understand how to attract the investment to your community. 

The training is addressed to economic developers as well as CAOs who are interested in learning more about foreign investment attraction and promotion, and as importantly, to understand the decision-making process of the multinational organization and also site selection process.

Prepare your community to be investment ready.

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Communities are living in rapidly changing environment and the characteristics that make up individual community Economies can significant change within a short period of time. It is important to have an updated economic data to assess the stage of the community in terms of economic development growth The data will help the community to distinguish the critical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and challenges within the community.  It is important to understand the obstacles for investment and development, competitive advantages, core industries, community’s development capacity as well as external trends and events that could potentially affect the community’s development The WOA team will help you to identify the key of critical issues within a community and work towards a realistic path to successfully address the issues.


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Communities are living in rapidly changing environment and the characteristics  that make up individual community

Economies can significantly change within a short period of time.  The Competitive Advantage Analysis (CAA) is the review of the structure and performance of your community. This analysis will evaluate your local strengths of leading industries, the concentration of employment, industry sectors for growth, your current investment capacity and potential for growth.

This aim of this assessment is to identify and overview industrial sectors in terms of local and regional dynamics, manufacturing dynamics, value proposition, investment preparation, identifying attractive industries and market sectors, investment SWOT analysis and recommendation for the Local Municipality & Region. 

THE WOA Team uses unique analytical methods designed to measure the performance of industry in your community & region.


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Communities are living in rapidly changing environment and the characteristics  that make up individual community

Economies can significant change within a short period of time. Our customized target industry analysis and value proposition development are of extreme value to EDOs in enhancing prosper targeting precision, effectively articulating their strengths and

Differentiators as well as building consensus for action among local stakeholders.

The WOA’s key steps of our process are:

– Identification of ideal business attraction targets and how they align with existing industry strength and linkages by understanding the opportunities that exists with the key sectors/ sub sectors in your community & region

– The industry and workforce data, coupled with our understanding of top growth and emergencies industries will form the basis of recommendation of investment promotion/attraction efforts

– Targeting clusters and regions, prioritize industries that holds the most promise based for your regional value proposition


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Development of your “winning” value proposition will further help in prioritizing targets and resources by highlighting the data that points to the strongest selling points of your community.

It will outline the challenges in specific target sectors needed to address to grow the target sectors for business attraction