A Community Investment Profile plays a crucial role in the initial screening phases for investors.

When developing a Community Profile, the WOA undertake the research necessary to ensure that everything published is accurate and correct. The Investment Profile is the primary resource for information and a basic requirement for investment ready communities. The investor is looking for community that is investment ready.

The starting point is to develop a profile that provides an evaluation and demographic breakdown of the community.

It is a piece of information that a business investor (prospect) or a site selector will require when considering a suitable location for business. Each Economic Development Officer should have a deep understanding the potential opportunities exist within the community. In addition, the Investment Ready Community Profile will help the community to gain a better understanding of investor needs.

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The investment ready website is a business investor, site selector and site’s developer’s main tool for shopping for a business location.  It is proven that investors more likely are looking for information about the community through websites, databases  and etc. The investment ready website will help investors during the first phases of the site selection process as well as immediately eliminate the community that does not fit the investor requirements and before the community even is aware that is being evaluated.


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A site selector profile provides standardized statistical information about your community’s features. If you are looking to develop land parcels in your community, make sure your website includes a site selector profile.

The priority sector profiles provide a sector overview, value proposition, key economic activities, current key activities, current key businesses, and clusters, pro-investment polices and incentives and highlight investment opportunities for your community

Each business case will include an overview of the opportunity, market size, outlook and a shortlist of potential prospective investors worthy of targeting. Wherever possible, the WOA team will analyse approximate potential timelines, investment value, typical support required from local government and infrastructure, and benefits to the community. This exercise will allow the team to then identify potential key players in the targeted sectors in order to develop a shortlist of potential companies to promote.