A Leader in Business and Economic development

The WOA Consulting Group


The WOA Consulting Group Ltd is an Economic Development Agency located in Manitoba that provides a wide range of business and economic development services for the various level of government (municipal, provincial, federal) and private sectors.


We specialize in helping communities and businesses to grow and find the very best industry opportunities. We do this by comparing your community across local, custom selected and provincial benchmarks using an extensive list of industry and demographic variables. It’s how we guarantee to expose your best opportunities…opportunities that are often hidden using conventional analysis.


WOA is an expert in optimal location planning and customer acquisition strategies. We specialize in the science of measuring business performance and helping the client grow their businesses. The power and accuracy of our analysis comes from building and reconciling supply (competitor landscape) and consumer demand at a detailed and actionable level. We will help you identify an optimal location to invest and in a new build, help you in your business to prioritize customers and retain customers into better one.


WOA’s economic development work leverages the power of markets, business enterprise model and investment attraction tools to create jobs, fuel income growth and improve the quality of life for the municipalities. WOA supports public (non – profit sectors) as well private (entrepreneurs) who seek to bring a sustainable economic growth for the communities and help the to develop and prioritize their economic development strategies

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Our values

The WOA Consulting Group has adopted a core set of values that define the way our relationships with clients are conducted.


Client Centric – build relationships with our clients – partnership is a key to success

Knowledge – We are experts in Economic Development, Investment Attraction and Business Services. We provide leadership through customized economic data analysis, industry and business analysis.

Accountability – We are committed to provide an economic development growth for rural municipalities. We have a responsibility to provide our services with integrity and take ownership of our actions

Passion – We love economic development and what we do.  Helping our local municipalities and businesses to grow is our passion for success.

Our Mission

We believe thriving communities improve everyone’s lives. Everything we do prepares your community to be investment ready. We do this by empowering investors through investment attraction tools and strategy.

Our Vision

To become a leader in providing economic development services and help our rural municipalities to grow to the next level.