Our Privacy Policy

The WOA Consulting Group adheres to professional web standards policies and the data collected is used solely for business purposes.

Media used on our website is either professionally licensed or acquired by The WOA Consulting Group as part of its projects. Additionally, we use stock pictures to improve website aesthetics. We don’t claim copyright to any pictures that we don’t own as part of our projects.

Images and Videos provided by Alberta Aerial Video Photography & Photography Productions Inc, are used with permission from them. We don’t claim copyright to such information and solely rely on the provider’s statement and business relationship.

In case of any concerns regarding any picture or copyright posted on our website we can be contacted through our contact form. We will try our best to respond in a timely manner and address any concerns by removing information that is the property of another organization.

Information posted on our website is professional in nature and we strive to maintain accuracy. Data should not be copied or  reproduced without our permission.

Customer information collected by us can be in various forms for customer analytics and behaviour tracking including but not limited to cookies, IP address, geographic information or other information as may be relevant to provide visitor information to further improve our website.