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THE WOA CONSULTING GROUP specializes in economic development marketing and communications centered around business attraction, workforce attraction, and regional strategies.


Please let us know your needs and we will help you to design a service package that will be built specifically to your community economic development goals.


Each WOA’s package is customized based on the size of the community and stage of investment readiness, our prices can be varied.



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THE WOA CONSULTING GROUP LTD had developed a Prefeasibility Community Development Assessment (PCEA) that is specially designed for Chief Administration Officers and Economic Development Officers to help them better understand their community capacity in terms of opportunities and strengths to make better decisions for economic growth.


The power of this analysis is how comprehensive we measure community performance. We use big data coupled with big context to expose opportunities that may currently be hidden.”


Trade Analysis

Trade areas are complicated.  Very complicated.  Consumers have a multitude of preferences and choices when shopping for goods and services.  We structure individual types of shopping trips into a set of unique trade area layers that are measurable. It’s based on decades of experience, research and development that combines shopping centre attraction and classification with complete competitor and consumer expenditure data for all retail markets.  


Economic Development Services

– Economic Development Strategy Plan


Investment Attraction

– FDI Attraction Investment Strategy

– Investment Attraction Tools

– Capacity Investment Analysis

– Target opportunities for business development

– Other


Community Tourism Planning

– Community Tourism Plans

– Tourism Branding

Residency & Citizenship by Investment

– Region: Europe



Workforce Development

Grants Assistance

– Public Sector

– Private Sector


Business Services

-Business Analysis

-Business Valuation


Public Sector Services

-Housing Needs

-Workforce Analysis

-Daycare Needs

-Services Needs Analysis


Lead Generation

– Lead Generation Strategy



"We have years of experience helping our clients understand and grow their customer base whether it consists of consumers or businesses."
- The WOA Consulting Group Team -