THE WOA CONSULTING GROUP LTD had developed a Prefeasibility Community Development Assessment (PCEA) that is specially designed for Chief Administration Officers and Economic Development Officers to help them better understand their community capacity in terms of opportunities and strengths to make better decisions for economic growth.


We believe data and analytics are the key to answering this question. Knowing your community in relation to others is the key to granular understanding and growing your community! But data isn’t analytics. Data’s the easy part. Analytics is ultimately about context…the comparison of data across relevant benchmark communities.

This report provides big data coupled with big context by comparing over 1,000 labour and demographic variables including both public and private (special run) Statistics Canada data sets across potentially all Canadian communities (CSDs) that can be custom selected as benchmark communities. Location quotient analysis is then used to determine a community’s strengths, weaknesses, and finding hidden growth opportunities and core services that might be limiting growth. In addition, this report also identifies high-growth reference communities by industry for deeper future analysis.

Economic Development

Developed by WOA’s partner EXCEED ANALYSIS a revolutionary software STRATA is a Location Intelligence Solution for analyzing and reporting location opportunities. It guarantees you will find the very best opportunities while ensuring none are missed.  STRATA brings together competitor and consumer expenditure data to intelligently measure, and accurately predict, market potential for every trade area from coast to coast.  This has not been possible until now.  

Exceed Analysis - by Strata

In literally a few minutes you will get answers to questions such as: 

1) What locations in my existing network are performing well vs. poorly compared to the market potential? 

2) Where are the best opportunities to open a new location?

3) What is the size and nature of the competition?

4) How much of the market potential can I realistically expect to capture? 

5) Am I offering the right product mix for each trade area I operate in?

6) What areas should I stay away from? 


“Trade areas are complicated.  Very complicated”.  Consumers have a multitude of preferences and choices when shopping for goods and services.  STRATA uses our break-through system of trade area layers to capture the complexity of this behaviour. We structure individual types of shopping trips into a set of unique trade area layers that are measurable. It’s based on decades of experience, research and development that combines shopping centre attraction and classification with complete competitor and consumer expenditure data for all retail markets. Measurable trade areas means we can accurately compare opportunities across vastly different trade area sizes and competition. It’s the key to OUR GUARANTEE that STRATA will find the very best business opportunities for you.